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[FREE TRACKS] The Great Christmas Giveaway...

A veritable feast of free Bass music has been thrown around over the festive period, and we thought we'd bring you three of our favourites. We've got something for everyone, with a dubstep track, a garage track, and a dnb bit. Check em out...



After the amazing sucess of Chimpo & Trigga's latest track, It was a pleasure to grab this lovely little garage number from Chimpo. It's on Sendspace so will only be online for a limeted time. Grab it NOW!!



As usual, the man like BEEZY goes in hard over this banger from SURGE. A great way to get in the mood for the new year, this is courtesy of the lovely lovely people at Wheel & Deal Records



Drum n Bass next with this Jump-Up record from the hard-working  DJ PROFILE and newcomers DECIMAL BASS. This tears apart speakers. Check it out.


With support from Skream, T.Williams, and Dusky, these two bass tracks have already made their mark in the short time they've been online. 
I always expect the excellent from Rack N Ruin, and I am yet to be dissapointed. Turn up your subs.


[MIXTAPE] Harry Shotta & DJ Ruffstuff - "Space Jump"

DOWNLOAD LINK (Right-Click > Save As...)

Harry Shotta and ruffstuff drop a banger of a compilation. It's being promoted by Knowledge Mag who interviewed them to go with the release....

We were more than happy to recently touch down with drum & bass heavy hitters DJ Ruffstuff and MC Harry Shotta ahead of the release of their exclusive compilation mix 'Space Jump' that is only being made available through us here at Kmag.

The mix includes a stack of fresh bars from one of the game's finest hosts Harry Shotta, effortlessly complimented by the ever consistent, air-tight selections of Ruffstuff.

We had a quick catch up with the boys to look back on 2012 and talk about what they've got planned for the New Year. Be sure to grab your free copy of 'Space Jump' as you simply can't miss this early Christmas gift!

Thanks for taking a minute out to chat to Kmag, How's it going?
Ruffstuff: No problem, all good my end, keeping busy and focused...

Shotta: Yeah bro, all good, been working hard in the studio looking forward to dropping this mixtape...

Are you all sorted for the festive period? Will you be getting much time off over Christmas or will you be busy gigging?
Shotta: Yeah man, I was on the Christmas shopping from early this year so that's nearly a wrap. The Christmas period is always a busy time for bookings and this year is looking as hectic as ever for me and Ruff. I think Christmas Day is the one day off really and then it's back on the road on the Boxing Day.

So onto 'Space Jump', what was the idea behind the mix, how did it come about and has it been a while in the making? Influenced by a mutual respect for Mr Baumgartner's achievements by any chance?
Shotta: Yeah, to be honest, both me and Ruff have wanted to drop a new DNB studio mix for a while now. We were going to a night together in Bristol and we decided that after I drop my hip hop mixtape 'Moonlight Hustle' we would definitely bang something out for the scene.

I think the studio mixes are a great way of promoting yourself but they are also good for giving something back to the supporters who come to the raves week in week out.

Even though I recorded 52 Rap Round Ups for Semtex on 1Xtra and I put out a 20-track hip hop mixtape, I still wanted to make sure every bar on this mixtape was new and relevant to the scene.

A lot of people told me I couldn't do it and it was an impossible task so in that way I was definitely inspired by Baumgartner's space jump as it was such a mad achievement and something some people would say is impossible.

I'd like to think Felix himself is going to get a cop of this mix, Do you reckon he's a closet raver? Have you got any personal desires deep down to give his profession a go one day?
Ruffstuff: Haha! Something for his iPod on the next space jump maybe? To be honest I'm not too keen on throwing myself out of space! So I'll wait until I can do it in a spaceship, it's a little safer I think!

There's a real feeling of spontaneity to the mix, a testament to the standards you guys are setting out there and a great way of keeping the elements of a live performance. Was there much planning or did you just hit record and see what came out the other side?
Shotta: Ruffy smashed the mix. Once I had that I really went in with the planning my end. I literally wrote a lot of bars specifically to the tunes on the mix, rather than just throw random bars I had written on a bunch of beats. Hopefully people can hear that in the way the bars marry up with the music on the mixtape.

Ruffstuff: We spoke about where we wanted to take it musically, and to be honest, we both agreed that we wanted to give it a wide range of styles, not just a full on dancefloor mix. I think there's something for everybody on it, and where Shottz has taken it lyrically is next level.

How important is it, as a DJ, to have a host at the top of his game spitting over your selections? Especially on a live tip, it must be crucial for getting as much out the crowd as possible.
Ruffstuff: I think it's very important to be honest. MCs have pushed themselves into the forefront of the scene nowadays, so the crowd are as in tune to them as much as the music. There are a few MCs I really like to work with; they can bring out different sides to you as a DJ.

Is this a collection of some of your personal favourite tunes that are around at the moment? Are there any standout tracks/record labels that have been particularly big for you in 2012 at the live shows?
Shotta: It's mad for me because I'm out doing the raves every weekend and I hear all the new tunes but I never know the names of them. This mixtape had me searching out who the tunes were made by and there's some big bits on here from Hazard, Majistrate and Tyke. I think one of Ruffy's new tunes is on there too.

I actually asked Ruff to put a particular old track from DJ Die on there as I always wanted to spit to it but other than that I just let Ruff do his thing and he smashed it!

Ruffstuff: I would say so yeah, I wanted to express the versatility of my record box, but to be honest, we haven't touched the sides... watch out for a possible part two next year!

Any hot scoops that you can recommend for the Kmag readers to look out for in the next 12 months?
Shotta: In terms of new music from me, I'm gonna release a new hip hop mixtape in the early part of 2013 but it's more to showcase three artists I've been working with closely. That's pretty much finished.

I'm going to be doing loads of features with rap and grime artists and pushing out visuals for tracks next year. I'm also going to do some DNB vocal tracks but they've got to work as songs that can be played on radio.

Ruffstuff: I've just launched a new label with a good friend of mine - DJ Friller. (REAL-IGION RECORDS) that's going to be a big focus of mine in 2013. I've also been mad busy in the studio working on tracks, also some remix projects, so keep your eyes and ears open!

How will you be seeing in the New Year? Any upcoming events that we can catch you at?
Shotta: I'm gonna be on stage in Birmingham for the midnight set this New Year's Eve at Raveology with Hazard and Evil B, then people can catch me at Random Concept in Northampton and United As One in London.

Ruffstuff: My night starts of in Essex for the Heavy Goods NYE bash then I'm off to United As One in London for a set alongside Shottz.

Words: Eddy Mac

[VIDEO] DJ Krust - Point Blank Production School

The legendary DJ KRUST drops an Interview/Lecture discussing the history of DnB and Production techniques. A most interesting video and something all dnb heads should watch. More from Point Blank.... 
We were honoured to welcome the legendary DJ Krust who came into Point Blank to discuss the history of the drum n bass scene, the legacy of Full Cycle Records, the infamous Reprazent collective and working with the likes of Roni Size. He gave us an intriguing insight into his approach to the industry, how he carved a path to success for himself, and how his production methods have evolved over time.

If you want to learn to produce d&b, check out Point Blank's new online drum n bass pro producer course featuring contributions from Xtrah, Zero-T, Data and Modified Motion

A bit of Krust background...
The co-founder of Bristol's Full Cycle crew (with Roni Size, DJ Die and Suv), Krust is revered in the jungle underground for his push-the-envelope productions both alone and in collaboration with Size. Born in Bristol in 1968, Krust was raised on hip-hop and began DJing in the mid-'80s at schools and small clubs around the area. His interests grew to include acid house and rave by the late '80s, and a stint in the group Fresh 4 landed Krust in the middle of the charts, when "Wishing on a Star" made number nine in late 1989. Fresh 4 signed to Virgin, but never released another record, so Krust returned to DJing and production work.

After meeting at the 1990 Glastonbury Festival, Krust and Roni Size soon began to produce tracks together, often in collaboration with DJ Die and Suv. The outfit recorded solo and in tandem for Bryan G and Jumpin' Jack Frost's V Records during the early '90s, but then in 1992 formed the Full Cycle label with manager Chris Warton. Along with its sister label Dope Dragon, Full Cycle released several crucial singles and the 1995 label retrospective Music Box. DJ Krust continued to record for V and Full Cycle, and helped out on remixes for Goldie and fellow Bristol crew More Rockers. Size's debut album New Forms hit the music world hard in 1997, leading to Krust's own major-label contract the following year. His Polygram debut, True Stories, was followed in 1999 by the equally impressive Coded Language.

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See you all on Friday for some festive skanking and merryness. xx

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[FREE TRACK] DJ Marky & Makoto ft Deeizm - Free

A little freebie from the established talents of Marky and Makoto. With Deeizm lending her trademark lyrics, this should be on your click list.

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[EVENT] Turbulence vs Grenade - 28th Dec 2012

As the year draws to a close and another excellent 12 months of Drum N Bass awaits, we present our traditional clash with fellow Newcastle-based promoters "Grenade".

Headlining the event, is the mighty Chroma, having recently had Andy C pick them up for Prog:Ram, this will be fresh after their Fabric debut. Expect big bad dubplate business. Also taking to the decks will be Grenade head honcho PLUS 8, alongside exciting new talent 10 BELOW and HARMONYX. All hosted and toasted by our jolly resident AEMS MC. For only a fiver, you definitely can't afford to miss out. We'll see out the year with some bass shall we? Thats if we haven't brought about the end of the world with our Funktion Ones...

Merry Xmas xx

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[FREE TRACKS] Katy B - Danger EP

Never one to let you miss great music, we spotted this little gem of a freebie from Katy B. 4 Tracks, featuring DJ Zinc, Wiley, Jessie Ware, Geeneus, Diplo and more. FOR FREE. You can preview the tracks in the video playlist above, or click the link to grab the EP HERE.

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[MIX] Camo & Krooked - Radio 1 - June 2011

We were digging about for mixes to get you in the mood for next Friday and stumbled on this little gem of a mix from Radio 1 last year. It still bangs.

Saturday, 17 November 2012

[VIDEO] S.P.Y. - What The Future Holds

Watch the video. Then come to Turbulence and see him perform.

Click the button on your right to buy tickets.

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[TRACK] Netsky - We Can Only Live Today (Camo & Krooked RMX)

another dancefloor smash from the Hospital stable, this brand new track comes with a gorgeous video. Watch.
Originally released as part of Netsky's award-winning second album "2", "We Can Only Live Today" will be familiar to Netsky fans from its former guise as "Puppy".

The title track from this digital-only EP is given a cheeky update with Belgian vocalist Billie providing a polished vocal hook, "We Can Only Live Today (Puppy)" is a hands-in-the-air anthem with uplifting synths, sing-a-long lyrics and plenty of dancefloor punch.

Remixes come from label mates Camo & Krooked who give it the turbo-charged D+B treatment, Norwegian indie-electronic duo Lemaitre -- the self-confessed "disco dudes" who stretch out the vocals and soften the synths, and Belgian electro talent Modek who shakes things up with a cacophony of fidgeting beats to bring the EP to an end.

[TRACK] Danny Byrd ft General Levy - Blaze The Fire (Rah!)

Buy the new single - 

Danny Byrd feat General Levy - Blaze The Fire (Rah!)

Having smashed into the top 40 with the massive "Ill Behaviour", and with the "Rave Digger album" launching him to the top table of UK dance music in 2010, Danny Byrd is back with none other than legendary jungle MC General Levy. Support from Radio One's dance elite Annie Mac, Zane Lowe and Mistajam plus three playlisted singles has made Danny Byrd a household name in the UK. His partner in crime here, General Levy found international fame from his iconic lyrics to M Beat's era-defining classic "Incredible" in the early 90s and now brings his unique sound to Danny Byrd's "Blaze The Fire (Rah!)".

"Blaze The Fire (Rah!)" propels Danny Byrd back into the limelight as the first new music to come from his eagerly awaited new album - scheduled for release early in 2013.

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Danny Byrd Twitter -
Hospital Records Twitter -

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The ever formidable Rusko has kindly decided to give away his newest EP for FREE! Grab it from the link below :)

Monday, 29 October 2012

[EVENT] Turbulence presents HOSPITALITY




 Digital, Times Square, Newcastle Upon Tyne

Doors are 11pm - 4am

Tickets £13+BF from Beatdown, or

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[TRACK] Brookes Brothers - The Blues

Brookes Brothers are a constant source of quality dancefloor drum n bass, and this release on Breakbeat Kaos is no exception. Check them out at this month's Turbulence UKF event! Click the button on the right for tickets!

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[INTERVIEW] ANDY C & MC GQ @ Turbulence

As we're going full on with the Interviews today, We thought we'd dig out our very own Interview with Andy C and MC GQ. Superveillance and Ruckuz did a fine job a couple of years ago and this is definately worth revisiting.

You can check out all the other Turbulence Interviews, on our "Interviews" page funnily enough, all filmed in delicious colour by Superveillance. They're definately worth the watch. See you at the front!


20 years ago DnB was an underground world of illegal warehouse raves, pirate radio stations and cassette pack mix tapes. Now, thanks to household names like Chase & Status, DJ Fresh and Sub Focus, it's topping the charts and selling out shows worldwide. And where did these guys all start out? On Ram Records, the label run by the multiple award winning and globally recognised king of DnB, Andy C. Mistajam takes a trip to Hornchurch, Essex, the home of Ram HQ, to dig deep into the vaults with label bosses Andy and Scott Bourne (aka Red One).

With new interviews from Chase & Status, DJ Fresh and Sub Focus, Mistajam looks back at the legendary label's pivotal releases from underground Valley Of The Shadows, to the first breakthrough DnB track - Bodyrock, right up to Chase & Status' debut album - More Than Alot. 7 Fresh talks about having Andy as a mentor, even for his most recent track - The Feeling; Chase & Status and Sub Focus both agree on the importance of having a release on RAM; and Delta Heavy explains how Andy has inspired the whole scene's style of mixing DnB.

Other contributors include DC Breaks, Wilkinson, Loadstar, Rene LaVice, Ant Miles, Shimon, Skream & Benga, Annie Mac, Toddla, Fabio and Friction.
words from Radio 1

[INTERVIEW] Andy C - Feb 2012 from The Independant

ac1 200x300 Andy C: 20 years of Ram RecordsAs a teenager I was obsessed with drum’n'bass to the point where I wouldn’t give any other music the time of day, I’d listen to pirate stations and rave tape packs constantly, talk about it all day long with my friends at school and try to find out the names of every tune that got played. Now I’m older my tastes are a lot more varied, but drum’n'bass from the mid-90s to early 2000s still holds a very special place in my heart. One of the scene’s hardest working and most revered DJs/producers is Andy C, a man who has won Best DJ at various drum’n'bass awards ceremonies pretty much every year since they began and a man whose record label, Ram Records has produced a steady stream of classics including the all-time cult smash Valley Of The Shadows (or Long, Dark Tunnel as most people call it). A firm favourite of drum’n'bass fans around the globe, he’s become known as The Executioner, thanks to his ability to destroy dancefloors around the world. This year Ram Records celebrates 20 years in the business and Andy gets his live show on the road again after its debut last autumn, here’s the result of a chat we had just a few weeks ago…

How does the live show differ from your standard club set up?

Well, from a technical standpoint it’s massively different – I have five controllers, three computers, I’m linked in to the visuals – I’m able to control clips, the visuals mix at the same time as the music. We’ve rehearsed for a long time – it took a year to get the whole thing together. The beauty of it is that it can be expanded almost limitlessly.

It kicks off again in February and at the moment we’re madly running around and seeing how far we can take it. It’s enabling me to go on some big stages and really let go, all the shows we did last year were awesome, they were all sold out – so we want to build on that this year.

And was the initial idea to make everything bigger then?

Yes, and also it’s a celebration of DJing for me – there’s a lot of live acts out there at the moment and they do the music live and that’s wicked but I’m first and foremost a DJ’s DJ. So I wanted to get back out there and do a show based around a DJ set and that was the starting point – ‘let’s celebrate the DJ’.

Yeah, that’s really important… I’ve asked a few people about how accessible DJing is these days and I wondered how you felt about that and whether it’s cheapened it at all?

It is accessible but, like with anything, it’s progression – there’s a couple of schools of thought: You could say ‘It’s accessible and I hate it because it’s too easy and everybody can do it’ OR you could say ‘It’s great, everybody’s enjoying DJing and enjoying music and having fun, whether it’s at a house party with their mates or a warehouse party with 10,000 people’. I tend to lean towards the latter because I love the whole DJing thing. For example yesterday, because I knew I had a big night tonight, I was in the studio for six hours mixing because I just love it, so I can totally relate to people wanting to mix. You cant just say ‘Oh, you’ve got to get a pair of decks and stand in a record shop for 10 hours waiting for promos.’ For me decks are always at the core of what I’m doing, I like the physical interaction, I like to get a sweat on..

…yeah I’ve noticed you’re always pretty animated up there behind the decks.

I’m getting into it like I’d like the people on the dancefloor to get into it. I started out being a raver, luckily I’m able to stand up on the stage and be a raver – I’d look a bit stupid if I didn’t have the decks in front of me! I just like having a good time and when you’re feeling it, when you’re really really feeling it, the auto-pilot takes over and stuff starts happening without you even thinking about it. You finish the set and people are like ‘Ah that mix that you done with that tune over that’ and you can’t even remember doing it.

Haha, like some hoodoo trance!

Exactly! They’re the moments we live for.

So do you still practice DJing a lot?

Definitely, I just love mixing. Like the other day when I was mixing, no one forced me to, I’d just been in Australia for two weeks and I thought ‘I haven’t had a mix in a while on my own’, so I spent six hours in the studio.

What era did you start out raving then? Late 80s?

Musically, I would’ve been listening to it from around ‘89 because of my older sister. Raving-wise ‘89-’90… I got snuck into this rave when I think we were 13 and it was a life-changing experience because you go to school on Monday and you’re like ‘I know shit you don’t’ [laughs]. It was that era when Voodoo Ray was getting played and all that, it was beautiful. For real raving, you know Red One?…

Yeah yeah, he’s one of your boys…

Exactly. I met him and he was putting on parties in London, called Imagination (in ‘91) and that was where it all started. It’s funny because one of the first times I went to one of his raves, I dunno if you’ve seen Chase & Status live?…

…yeah man.

Their MC, Rage, well it was Scott Red One who gave him his first ever booking as well.


Yeah it’s mad, we all know each other from back in the day. That was where I saw this guy called Just Jones dropped this tune called The Beast by Revelations, when it dropped… that was my first time hearing a proper drop and that was when I first thought I wanted to be a DJ.

Who inspired you around that period?

I used to go to places like Mash down on Oxford Street and I’d hear tunes like Radio Babylon – Meat Beat Manifesto. And Shut Up And Dance were a real big influence, I used to tape pirate radio on TDK…

…what was your local station?

Centreforce and Sunrise, they used to operate 24 hours a day so I’d listen while getting ready for school, at lunchtime and then when I come home [laughs]. There was all these real big tunes and I found out they were all by Shut Up And Dance it just blew my mind. I now own every record they’ve ever made because I’ve tracked them all down – they were a massive influence because they always combined huge breaks with hardcore rave sounds.

Going out-wise, was there anywhere to go around Hornchurch where you’re from or did you have to travel out?

Apart from the odd illegal party down country lanes we had to travel up to London. We used to get the train up to the west end or drive to gigs… Innovation, Roller Express, Wax Club, Telepathy (which is where I had my first residency), AWOL at Paradise Club – that’s where I formed my musical whatever you call it… it really was like church for me.

How did you get your first gig?

Red One was DJing on this pirate station and I used to do some shows on there. He was really supportive and said ‘Look why don’t you do a tape and I’ll send it out to a bunch of promoters’ – this was end of 91. So I made a tape and he sent it out to Elevation, Fantasia, Dreamscape all the big promotions… Elevation were doing a night at Club Dada down Shaftesbury Avenue and they got back in touch, I’m not sure that would happen today. They actually rang Scott and said ‘We really like this, we’re gonna give this guy a break’…

Yeah it was that kind of period where something like that actually could happen, and did…

Yeah amazing, imagine the vibe I felt when Scott told me they’d called back! So they gave me a set at Club Dada, we went down there and I’d bought myself a record box and everything – I was proper nervous and Scott’s only broken down on the way there. I’m like ‘Nah man, this is my first gig!’, so we got a cab and left the car on the side of the road – I think I played after or before Ratpack, pretty daunting. Then when I’d finished, I got my record box and took the nightbus back to Romford and I remember walking all the way back to Hornchurch with my record box that weighed a tonne. Very glitzy. But I was on cloud nine.


Then Funky at Elevation, he was a really nice guy, he booked us again and we got into a scenario where we were handing out flyers for Elevation for their big raves. I met Skinny from Telepathy, who was like ‘I like the way you hand out flyers’, bizarrely! He said he was starting this new night at Wax Club, the first two nights I went to were housey nights and empty as you like… so he was like ‘This ain’t working, I’m gonna bring Telepathy in here’, that was the end of 92/93 and there was this new movement of music that would become jungle… so he put Telepathy in there and basically made me resident alongside Devious D, SL and Funky Flirt. That was where everything started, that was around the time we made Long, Dark Tunnel [Valley Of The Shadows] and then it really did kick off. It’s mad telling that story cos that would never happen now…

It’s a completely different ball game now. The internet has changed a lot of things…

Yeah it has and I don’t know if there are many people out there who would think ‘Right in order to get this gig I need to hand out x-amount of flyers until six o’clock in the morning to show my passion and to meet people’…

…that thing of earning your stripes has kinda disappeared.

Yeah yeah it has, and there used to be a hierarchy. You’d be queuing up at Music House and if the super dons were in there cutting dub plates then you might have to wait a bit longer than usual, that was just the nature of it. I do see artists [now] that have had a semi-big tune and they’re after an hour set and they make all these demands, but I remember end of ‘93/beginning of ‘94 we had Long, Dark Tunnel out there but I was still chasing down every gig and handing out flyers. It’s different, but that’s progression for you, you can’t knock it.

So what was the idea behind making your own tunes?

I loved computers, I guess I was a bit of a geek really in that sense. It was when you found out computers made music as well, the excitement was being able to sample a beat and loop it – what the hip hop DJs were using turntables to do. I was excited finding out what you could do with a sampler, I just wanted to loop beats, not even make tunes.

And you made stuff before Valley Of The Shadows…

Yeah the first tune was called Turn On by Desired State [Andy C & Ant Miles], really ravey tune. Then we had Dance The Dream, inspired by my holiday in Magaluf! [laughs] There was some other releases on a label called Deep Seven because Ant and I worked at a distributors for a while – we were driving around London dropping off our tunes at record shops, something else that probably wouldn’t happen these days. I think Long, Dark Tunnel was RAMM004, so there were three releases before that one… That tune just felt right, it was really, really personal we loved it and we snuck it on the B-side of another track. When other DJs got hold of it that’s when it really took off and that started to define what we were about musically. It gives you confidence because when you start out you not really sure what you’re doing.

You’re feeling your way around a bit.

You are feeling your way around yeah and you’re a little bit lost and not sure what you should make and what’s right. And that was the catalyst…

Was it always you and Ant Miles making music in the beginning?

Yeah, that was it from early doors. We were learning together, at different stages in our musical lives, and having fun – driving out on the road… later on in the day was when Shimon came on board. He was just a mate who came out raving with us and wanted to make tunes, so he learned how to make it, got himself a sampler, locked himself away for a bit and we started making tunes which was a completely new era. We did Ram Trilogy, then Moving Fusion came on board – it was just all the crew from Hornchurch.

I wish I could recreate that era of going into the studio and having fun and then come out with these tunes where you’re like ‘Wow man, did we actually make that?! and really feel good about it. That was a really magical time.

To be honest with you, that was one of my favourite periods – everyone was really going for it.

Yeah everyone was going for it – you had your Ed Rush and Optical, you had your Bad Company, the whole Trace thing… that whole period, it wasn’t just those lot, the scene in general was producing some massive, massive tunes. Really unique stuff. Part of that is that we were all learning at the same time, now it’s easy to think ‘I want a beat to do that or a bassline to do that’, you can get your hear round it. Back then it was like ‘What! Did we just make that bass sound?!’ – like No Reality for example, the first Trilogy tune, the bass sound is a bassline that’s been resampled 15 times – it was all just happening by accident, naturally.

And what do you think of the music these days?

I love the fact that you can go to a night and there’s people from all genres. I think that technology has been pushed to the max, there’s a lot of music I mean Christ sometimes I come home and there’s 200 tunes in my inbox. I think it’s a really healthy on a worldwide scale, electronic music dominates the world. We get to do events now that we never could have imagined and I’m loving it.

Yeah I’ve seen you in Serbia, Miami, Austria…

Those three things that you just said there, isn’t it crazy from what we were talking about in the mid-nineties to where it is now…? That’s why you can’t look back to the mid-90s with such rose-tinted glasses because all the mad stuff that’s going on now is probably just as mind-blowing. That’s why you’ve always got to be grateful.

How do you juggle all that touring, making music, the label and your personal life?

It’s difficult… no sleep is the answer! I’m lucky, I’ve got a great family, great support so the home life isn’t complicated and I never get stressed with the amount of work but you have to balance it, you have to say no to a lot of stuff.

What are your plans for Ram’s 20th anniversary?

We’re gonna have some parties, we’re gonna be doing a tour of nights around the UK and across Europe – releasing special tunes, maybe some remixes of a few classics. We’re just formulating the plans but we’re hoping to stretch out the celebrations through the year and make it a big deal because you’re only 20 once.

For more information on Andy C’s upcoming Alive tour click HERE and for his Facebook fan page click HERE.

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[FREE TRACK] Ludacris - How Low (Caspa Remix)

In our undying quest to bring you the best, we thought we'd chuck up this free Caspa track for our dubstep fans. Not what you'd typically expect from Caspa, and better for it, this drops into a heavy weighty 4/4 beat and militant claps. Banger.


[FREE TRACK] Blu Mar Ten vs London Elektricity - Above One Second

Rediscovered this little mash-up of Blu Mar Ten's track ‘Above Words‘ and London Elektricity’s ‘Just One Second‘. Great little bootleg, and a cheeky freebie for all you Turbulence people!

Download the Hospital Accapellas album from

[MIX] V Recordings Podcast 012 - Mixed by Bryan Gee

Every month we try to post a few good quality mixes and this one has been on constant rotation since we copped it! Grab NOW!
1. Delilah - Shades Of Grey (Spectrasoul Remix) -
2. Artificial Intelligence and Command Strange - Won't Say Goodbye (Feat Mc Tali) - V Records
3. Mr Joseph - I Still Love You Feat Kate White - Liquid V
4. Jaydan - Insatiable - Innerground
5. DRS And Spy - Star Voyage (Feat Jenna G) - Soul-R
6. Level 2 - Deeper Love - V Records
7. David Boomah and No Face - Spread A Little Love - V Records
8. Critycal Dub - Deep Motion - V Records
9. Level 2 - She Goes Away - V Records
10. Eveson - Times Flows By (Feat Jo-S) - V Records
11. Critycal Dub and DJ Chap - Sunshine - Liquid V
12. Roni Size - Daylight Relick -
13. Roni Size - Far Away -
14. Roni Size - Run Come -
15. Roni Size - Blow Your Horn -
17. Roni Size - Funky Munkey -
17. Peshay - Boogaloo - V Records
18. Roni Size - 7th Heaven -
19. Dr Meaker - Music In The Night (Unreal Remix) - V Records
20. Mr Joseph - From Me To You - Liquid V
21. Raw Q - Sweet Pea -
22. Critycal Dub - Reflect - V Records
23. Dr Meaker - Fighter (Unreal Remix) - V Records
24. Savage Rehab - Rare Groove - V Records
25. Juiceman - Zion - Chronic Records
26. Redeyes - Mad Times -
27. Total Science - Dramaz - Clearskyz
28. Level 2 - Fast Lane - V Records
29. DRS - Play With Fire - Soul-R
30. Calibre - Escation - Signature
31. David Boomah - Soundboy Robber - V Records
32. Mampi Swift - Silence - Charge Records
33. Does Not Compute - Wheels Of Steels - V Records
34. Ruffstuff And Supanova - New Horizons - V Records
35. Serum - Horn Track - V Records
36. Dillinja - Bang -
37. Mampi Swift - Raw - Charge Records
38. David Boomah - Forward Ever (Unreal Remix) - V Records
39. Artificial Intelligence - Broken Minds - V Records

[TRACK] Rockwell - Tripwire

The man ROCKWELL graces the decks at this month's Turbulence and this track is a good reason why you should be there!

Following on in the ever incredible Shogun standard is one of the hottest properties in electronic music, Rockwell. Having proved himself over the past few years as one of the most intricate and original producers to have worked through the ranks, Rockwell continues to drop jaws all over the world with his unique brand of drum & bass and here again it's not hard to see why.

'Tripwire' has been tearing up Shogun Audio events for the past few months with its deep ominous intro and staggered break that punches hard into this raging tech-fest that has Rockwell stamped all over it. Off beat edits, glitches and a bassline groove that thunders its way through with mid-range synths to double up; Rockwell's created yet another slice of trail- blazing, future-thinking D&B for 2012.

Vinyl - 
MP3 -

words via

Saturday, 1 September 2012

[EVENT] Turbulence presents... SHOGUN AUDIO

Turbulence presents...




@ Digital Newcastle

Tickets available from Beatdown Records, or by clicking the "Tickets" button on the right...

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

[MIX] Lenzman - Ministry of Sound Radio 06/08/12

01. DRS feat. Dub Phizix & Fox - Soul Remember (Soul:R)
02. SpectraSoul - In For A Penny (Shogun Audio)
03. dRamatic & dbAudio feat. Grimm - Far Away (Total Science Remix)(Ingredients)
04. Calyx & TeeBee - Elevate This Sound (RAM)
05. Lenzman feat. Riya - How Did I Let U Go (Metalheadz)
06. Zero T - Roxy Music (Dispatch)
07. Submorphics - Summer Soul (Innerground)
08. Break - Dreader (CIA)
09. Alex Clare - Treading Water (Lenzman Remix) (Island)
10. Beta 2 - 2nd Page (CIA)
11. BCee - Beyond Belief (Technicolour & Komatic Remix) (Spearhead)
12. Hybrid Minds - Warm Winters (Allsorts)
13. DRS feat. Lenzman, Jehst & Riya - Holding On (Soul:R)
14. Zero T - Red Hand (CIA)
15. Makoto feat. MC Conrad - Golden Girl (Lenzman VIP) (No Release)
16. Beta 2 feat. Pete Josef - Love Finds Me (CIA)
17. Calibre - My Chance (Signature)
18. Tokyo Prose - ?
19. Photek - Consciousness (Metalheadz)

Saturday, 18 August 2012

[VIDEO] Wilkinson - Automatic

The brand new video from Wilkinson drops and it's a killer! UKF have hosted it in all it's bass heavy glory so give it a click and check it out...

Available to pre-order now :
Become a fan of Wilkinson:
Follow Wilkinson on Twitter:

Wilkinson - 'Automatic' is Wilkinson's new single released on RAM Records 19th August with 'Hands Up!' on the flip.

Digital Bundle:
1. Automatic (Original Mix)
2. Automatic (Radio Edit)
3. Hands Up! (Original Mix)

Pre-order digital at the RAM shop

Video directed by Mickey Voak
DOP - Ben Masson
Edited by Ben Jorda

Friday, 17 August 2012

[MIX] Marcus Intalex ft DRS - Broken and Uneven Mix

Ahead of 'Broken & Uneven' Presents - A Bunch of Cuts on 25th August at a secret London venue, DRS & Marcus Intalex have thrown together a mix of epic proportions.

They'll be joined on the night by S.P.Y, Dub Phizix, Calibre, D-Bridge, Doc Scott & Klute amongst others, so be sure to hit it up!


Tuesday, 14 August 2012

[VIDEO] Alix Perez - Down The Line

A great record from the man like Alix Perez. Featuring the legend that is MC FATS, this record is bound to be a regular fixture in many DJs set lists. Awesome.


The most recent mix from Geordie favourites CRAGGZ & PARALLEL, these lads tore up 1Xtra as guests on Crissy Criss' show. Check this stonking mix!

Thursday, 9 August 2012

[VIDEO] Spectrasoul - The "Delay No More" Interview

Excellent little video interview with Spectrasoul about their LP "Delay No More"

Spectrasoul - Delay No More - OUT NOW 
iTunes - MP3: 
Shogun Audio - CD: Vinyl EP: 
Digital Download: 
Deluxe Digital Download:

Connect with Spectrasoul: Facebook: 

[FREE TRACK] Spectrasoul - The Tube VIP

And so we return to our lovely DnB with a freebie the Spectrasoul lads gave away about 5 months ago. If you missed it, it's still available and is well worth the bandwidth. Just head over to their Facebook Page & hit 'LIKE' to enable your free 320kbps MP3 download of the 'Tube VIP'.
Grab it now, then grab a ticket to see them DJ on the 31st August at our party. You know you should... ;)

Here's the link -

[FREE TRACK] High Rankin - Keep Rocking

The craziest guy in Dubstep? If you've seen his YouTube channel, you might agree. head honcho at Suicide beats, Mr Rankin drops this little freebie of what can only be described as "Moombroton" (Yes, we made it up. You heard it here first). His trademark screeching basslines at the slower tempo of 110bpm, this is an interesting incursion into the slower end of bass music. Expect more like this.

High Rankin - Keep Rocking (Free Download) by High Rankin

I am Colossus - Meshuggah [Engine-EarZ & Foreign Beggars Rmx]
DOWNLOAD ENABLED - I am Colossus - Meshuggah [Engine-EarZ & Foreign Beggars Rmx] by Engine-EarZ Experiment

[FREE TRACKS] Trolley Snatcha - Scion AV Collection

Again, another Dubstep post from us, but again, too good to miss. The Scion AV boys drop yet another amazing collection of free tracks from a top producer, TROLLEY SNATCHA. We'd blather on about how he's changing the sound of dubstep, and he gots tha funk and all that schmooze, but we think Scion summed it up pretty well below. If you like your Dubstep big and bashy, this download is for you.

Taken from Scion AV:

Behind the stage alias Trolley Snatcha stands the Brittish dubstep record producer and DJ, Zack Kemp. This multi talented Dubstep making machine started his musical career playing the guitar to “impress girls” but soon transitioned into electronic and bass-led music. Ever since he entered the Dubstep scene in 2009 his trademark characteristic heavy electronic bass mixed with more harmonious original influences has earned him a given spot on stages across the world.


Down-Tempo Bass music from the Washington DC crew. Definately worth a look.

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

[FREE TRACK] Wiley - Heatwave (Doorly Remix)

Again, we break from the dnb quickly to bring you this lovely little freebie from the legend that is Doorly. He has been kind enough to drop this one for FREE so grab it while you can and let the bass take you!

[MIX] Dope'll - Curiosity on Mars Mix

A top notch mix from Grenade favourite Dope'll. Get the download NOW!

1. Jubei, Flowdan - Say Nothin (feat. Flowdan)
2. Fox, Dub Phizix - Never Been feat. Fox
3. Sabre, Stray, Halogenix - St. Clair
4. Future Signal - Fortress
5. Mefjus - Far Too Close
6. Enei - Zeus
7. Ulterior Motive, Codebreaker - It's On feat. Codebreaker
8. Break - Condenser
9. Nymfo, June Miller - Boshoven
10. Rockwell - Constantcomplexrhythmicsound
11. Fracture, Dawn Day Night - Get Busy feat. Dawn Day Night
12. Emperor - Monolith
13. Anile, Foreign Concept - True Enemies
14. Dabs, Amoss - Still There
15. Rockwell - Tripwire

[FREE TRACK] Dj Spice - Stargazer

Kool FM's DJ Spice drops a free track this month. We rather liked it so decided to share it with you lovely lovely people. Enjoy!

[TRACK] Colossus ft. DnBethh - Faded Skies

Ex-Newcastle resident Colossus comes with another liquid roller, with vocals once again from DnBethh. Featured on the wonderful Vexx Clothing's Youtube channel (check out their snapbacks! Sick!), This northern duo treat us to another lovely roller.

[MIX] Ulterior Motive - Sun and Bass Podcast

In the build up to the epic festival that is Sun & Bass, Ulterior Motive decided to release this absolute corker of a mix. If you love drum n bass and you want a festival abroad, then Sun and Bass is the one for you. Situated in the sunny beaches of Sardinia, this is the perfect place to roll out the beats, and soak up the sun. Grab the mix to get in the mood...

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

[VIDEO] Spectrasoul - Lost Disciple

OUT NOW - Click to BUY-
iTunes -
Always a firm favourite at Turbulence, the Spectrasoul lads return with yet another amazing record. Sweeping chords and atmospherics coupled with that trademark heavy sub, makes this a great addition to your vinyl collection. Catch them at our next event, at Digital!

Saturday, 28 July 2012








@ Digital, Times Square

Doors are 11pm - 3.30am

Tickets £6+BF from Beatdown, or

Friday, 27 July 2012

[TRACKS] Chroma - "Always Be" / "Ricochet"

Newcastle's big dnb team up drops their latest release on Commercial Suicide. Going from strength to strength and having had a track dropped by Andy C on his latest Mixmag outing, Chroma are pushing boundries with every track. Cop this one when it drops.

[FREE TRACKS] Lots of Free goodness for you all...

Octane, DLR & Survival - Transition VIP - FREE TRACK (320kbps)
Big bad heavy DnB. You have to read the info for the download link ;)

Temper D - Chessboxer / Back to Basics.
Old Curves resident drops a couple of free downloads for you!!!

The Bristol badmen drop a free dnb banger for you all! Grab it while you can!

[MIX] Blu Mar Ten - From The Vaults

Blu Mar Ten has been a constant name in teh scene for a long time and one synonymous with solid, quality releases. This mix takes us back through time to 1995. It's an education people!!! GET IT.

[VIDEO] Aems - Nike Delta Force

Our resident MC has been known to mess about with the buttons from time to time and this track is brand spanking new. With a video. We have no idea why Marilyn Monroe is in the video, but watching Aems do the dance from "212" is worth the click at least. Bass heavy vibes for the slower tempo crowd. Get it watched.
Bonus - FREE DOWNLOAD BBE - 7 DAYS AND ONE WEEK (Aems' Old Skool Rmx)

[FREE TRACK] Die Antwoord - Fok Julie Naaiers (Nero bootleg)

Dubstep and DnB legends NERO have just upped this FREE download.
They've put their signature twist onto the massive track by Zef-Style rap/rave crew DIE ANTWOORD.
This is highly recommended as both artists are amazing and with the two joining forces, it couldn't get much better.

[Click the link below to jump to the download site]

Thursday, 28 June 2012

[FREE LP] Concord Dawn - Air Chrysalis LP

Concord Dawn release A WHOLE ALBUM for FREE as a thank you to the fans and the dnb scene! Grab it NOW while you still can!

[TRACK] A Personal Best & Rob Sparx (ft Carla) - "808 Lover"

A brand new name to watch, "A Personal Best" teams up with veteran Rob Sparx to drop this awesome track "808 Lover" - WATCH THIS SPACE!!

[TRACKS] Joe Syntax - Modus Bass Fun EP

BUY NOW: Hospital Shop: (12" Vinyl)
OR iTunes: (Digital EP)

Dubbed a "structural prodigy" by Mixmag, South London's Joe Syntax is back with the "Modus Bass Fun" EP, an exuberant six-track package offering the very best in dancefloor D+B with buckets of bassline bounce.

Joe Syntax impressed with his Med School debut last year; both "Signal Drop" and "Sightlines" were received with rapturous praise from Mary Anne Hobbs (XFM), Mistajam (BBC Radio 1), Marcus Intalex, Nu:Tone, Brookes Brothers and many others. This was followed up by "Red Rhythm", an uncompromising collaboration with Lung and Eleven8, which was released on Med School's "Blood Pressure" compilation earlier this year. Joe's new EP takes his production to the next level, so prepare to adopt your bassface as we get syntactical.

Title track "Modus Bass Fun" kick starts the EP with a flurry of burps, bleeps, punchy drums and a catchy bass riff that will get you instantly hooked! This is a must-have release from Med School's sonic surgeon Joe Syntax as he adds a generous dollop of fun to his infectiously innovative brand of D+B.


For all fans of LTJ Bukem: heads up from FACT on an online archive with over 100 sets from the Good Looking  boss, dating back as far as 20 years ago – check them out and download for free here.


Word from Dub Phizix:

“To say thank you for reaching 10,000 fans on Facebook I’m giving away 2 tunes from this mix.
I want you lot to choose which 2 they will be. To vote, either click the link above the mix or go to Dub Phizix. There will also be other free stuff for the first people to do it. All the info is on that page.

To help you to identify the tunes, my mate Chimpo has done what is possibly the greatest voiceover this world will ever know over the mix. What a guy.”

1. Hide Your Crisps
2. Oi Piers Morgan…….. Shut up
3. That iPhone Vid Is Gonna Be SICK!!
4. What A Lovely Pair of Boat shoes
5. Please Put Your Shirt Back On
6. Ugg Boots For Men….Great Idea
7. Yeah, Don’t Dance. Just look At the Mixer….Safe
8. Oi Mate Your Glasses Have Got No Lenses In

[VIDEO] Funktion One's Tony Andrews

Seeing as we use the beautiful Funktion One soundsystem at our beloved parties, we thought you, the Turbulence crew, might find these videos interesting!

Head honcho of Funktion One, Tony Andrews, has given a couple of lectures about sound quality and the ethos behind good systems. A very interesting watch.

[VIDEOS] Logistics - "Fear Not LP"


Vinyl & Limited edition "Fear Not" Rubiks Cube -

With a track record of bringing us stone cold classics throughout his decade-long career, the man otherwise known as Matthew Gresham returns with his fourth artist album "Fear Not".

Arguably more cohesive and ambitious than his previous efforts, the album covers a variety of tempos and styles across its 15-track duration (20-track Special Edition). Fear not, though, this is still 100% Logistics to the core, so sit back and enjoy the ride...

(words -

[VIDEO] Aems MC - "Uncried Tears" / "Undefeatable"

Our resident MC dropped a couple of videos recently... He will be uploading a new video every week so get subscribed to

Friday, 8 June 2012

[FREE MIX] Delta Heavy - Down The Rabbit Hole Promo

True to their self prophetic genre-less guise of anything and everything between 110-174 bpm, the last 6 months have seen Delta Heavy filling in the gap between their last Ram release and new EP ‘Down The Rabbit Hole’ with the completion of extensive tours of Australia, USA, Canada & Europe as well as churning out an array of multi genre remixes for Emalkay, Adam F, The Fixers and a speaker destroying remix of Maverick Sabre’s ‘Used To Have It All’. The latter has been hailed with continuous support from nearly every DJ at Radio 1 and has been championed by Annie Mac on her pivotal Friday night show for 5 weeks and counting, while their recent remix of Rita Ora’s ‘R.I.P’ has dominated airwaves and dance floors globally.

With their most ambitious project to date Delta Heavy invite you to follow them ‘Down The Rabbit Hole’ into a place where a myriad of styles, genres and influences are merged into one another and combine effortlessly to create 6 hard-hitting original tracks.

The lead track of the EP ‘Get By’ throws the listener back to the turn of the century when UK garage ruled the charts. Pitched up saccharine vocals and bouncy 2 step beats are juxtaposed with a thumping dubstep switch that catapults the dance floor straight back in 2012. Their own 174 bpm remix sees more 90s nostalgia twisted into their trademark pounding drum and bass as the vocal sits on twinkling rave pianos and a reese bassline that builds to a thundering drop.
    1. Nero – Must Be The Feeling (Delta Heavy Remix)
    2.  Dj Fresh – The Power (Datsik Remix)
    3. Feed Me – One Click Headshot
    4. Porter Robinson – Unison (Knife Party Remix)
    5. Knife Party – Centipede
    6. Chase & Status feat. Sub Focus & Takura – Flashing Lights (KillSonik Remix)
    7. Delta Heavy - Get By
    8. Rita Ora feat. Tinie Tempah – R.I.P. (Delta Heavy Remix)
    9. Posij – Revolt
    10. Skrillex feat. Damian Marley – Make It Bun Dem
    11. Skrillex, 12th Planet & Kill The Noise – Burst
    12. Delta Heavy - Hold Me
    13. Chuckie – Who Is Ready To Jump (Dillon Francis Remix)
    14. Delta Heavy - Demons
    15.  > Skrillex – Ruffneck (Full Flex Mix)
    16. Sub Focus – Falling Down VIP
    17. Adam F – When The Rain Is Gone (Delta Heavy Remix)
    18. Delta Heavy - Make It Rain
    19. Metrik – Flightwave
    20. Delta Heavy - Get By (Delta 174 Mix)
    21. Delta Heavy - End Of Days

Follow Delta Heavy On Twitter – Here    |    Visit The Delta Heavy Website – Here