Thursday, 9 August 2012

[FREE TRACKS] Trolley Snatcha - Scion AV Collection

Again, another Dubstep post from us, but again, too good to miss. The Scion AV boys drop yet another amazing collection of free tracks from a top producer, TROLLEY SNATCHA. We'd blather on about how he's changing the sound of dubstep, and he gots tha funk and all that schmooze, but we think Scion summed it up pretty well below. If you like your Dubstep big and bashy, this download is for you.

Taken from Scion AV:

Behind the stage alias Trolley Snatcha stands the Brittish dubstep record producer and DJ, Zack Kemp. This multi talented Dubstep making machine started his musical career playing the guitar to “impress girls” but soon transitioned into electronic and bass-led music. Ever since he entered the Dubstep scene in 2009 his trademark characteristic heavy electronic bass mixed with more harmonious original influences has earned him a given spot on stages across the world.


Down-Tempo Bass music from the Washington DC crew. Definately worth a look.