Friday, 22 February 2013

[MIX] Soul Intent - Good Looking Records Showcase

We couldn't let this one pass you by. Soul Intent mix the Good Looking Showcase. if you like liquid, this is for you.

[FREE TRACK] Colossus - Big Bout Yah

Local lad Colossus drops a free track for y'all to grab. Big brash jungle drums sit under syncopated growls of tech dirt. We like.

[MIX] Pendulum 2002

Recently posted up by Elhornet, this amazing Pendulum mix takes us right back to where it all began. We can't believe it's been 11 years. Still sounds fresh. Grab it.

[NEWS] Calibre to mix newest Fabric Live CD.

We're all very excited to hear the news that the great CALIBRE will be mixing the newest Fabric Live CD. If you've not heard of the man himself, then please go and check out near everything he's ever done. Deep, soulful, yet weighty drum n bass, rolling drums and grooves that you can't help but get carried away on. This will be a must buy when it drops. Get yourself down to Beatdown Records and grab a copy when it drops.

[MIX] Carl Cox - Drum N Bass Special

Carl Cox Global - Drum & Bass New Year Special! by Carl Cox on Mixcloud

Yes, that's correct! During our monthly trawl of the best new dnb stuff around, we stumbled upon this gem of a mix by none other than the mighty CARL COX. It's not very often you see Coxy playing dnb any more, so we thought this was definately worth the post. Mainstream, but hey, it's CARL COX.