Thursday, 28 June 2012


Word from Dub Phizix:

“To say thank you for reaching 10,000 fans on Facebook I’m giving away 2 tunes from this mix.
I want you lot to choose which 2 they will be. To vote, either click the link above the mix or go to Dub Phizix. There will also be other free stuff for the first people to do it. All the info is on that page.

To help you to identify the tunes, my mate Chimpo has done what is possibly the greatest voiceover this world will ever know over the mix. What a guy.”

1. Hide Your Crisps
2. Oi Piers Morgan…….. Shut up
3. That iPhone Vid Is Gonna Be SICK!!
4. What A Lovely Pair of Boat shoes
5. Please Put Your Shirt Back On
6. Ugg Boots For Men….Great Idea
7. Yeah, Don’t Dance. Just look At the Mixer….Safe
8. Oi Mate Your Glasses Have Got No Lenses In