Saturday, 18 June 2011

[MIX] El Hornet - All Ed Rush Mix 2011

El Hornet (Pendulum) presents the ALL ED RUSH MIX

Featuring the very best of Ed Rush from Past and present, this is a definate must have!

El Hornet himself writes....
I felt bad for not giving more props to Ed Rush in my Optical mix.
Alot of the tunes towards the end of that mix were done as a duo, so here is some more tracks from them together with a
good amount of the solo releases Ed Rush had before working with Optical.
I really wanted to put 'Check Me Out' in here but the vinyl goblins have eaten that record and I simply couldn't find it.
Same goes for a couple earlier ones like the classic Bludcot Artattack and Don Bad Man.
I got too many damn records.
Download here.

1. Ed Rush - The Force Is Electric (No U Turn 1995)
2. Ed Rush - Subway (Prototype Records 1996)
3. Ed Rush - Skylab (Metalheadz 1996)
4. John the Dentist - France: Ed Rush and Trace Remix (Tec Tec 1996)
5. Ed Rush August Remix (No U Turn 1996)
6. Ed Rush - Mothership (No U Turn 1996)
7. Ed Rush and Nico - Technology (No U Turn 1997)
8. Hydro - The Zone (Emotif 1996)
9. Ed Rush - The Raven (Metalheadz 1996)
10. Ed Rush and Optical - Lifespan (Virus 1998)
11. Ed Rush and Optical feat Trace - Zardoz (Virus 1998)
12. Ed Rush and Optical - Compound (Virus 1998)
13. Ed Rush and Optical - Fixation (Virus 1998)
14. Ram Jam World - Bluesy Baby - Ed Rush and Optical remix (Higher Education 1998)
15. Ed Rush and Optical - Kerbcrawler (Virus 2001)
16. Ed Rush and Optical - Hacksaw (Virus 2003)
17. Ed Rush, Optical and Ryme Tyme - Cannonball Run (DSCI4 2002)
18. Ram Trilogy - Mindscan (RAM Records 1999)

Get the Optical Mix here.